Better Together Training Academy

In order to achieve meaningful social change we need to foster the training of a new generation of LGBTIQ+ advocates to lead the conversation, reshape the narrative, and ultimately, change the culture.

We want to achieve this through our Better Together Training Academy (BTTA).

BTTA consists of a specialised leadership and media engagement training program for LGBTIQ+ changemakers and leaders who want to build the core skills and techniques to effect positive social change.

Thanks to the Channel - A Giving Circle, Queerspace and our training partners Mercer, K&L Gates, our training fees are heavily subsidised. In addition, up to 40% of trainees are scholarship recipients.

In 2019 we have the following BTTA initiatives:


Foundational Leadership is based on our original “Leadership Training Academy” and forms the cornerstone of our initial training ground for LGBTIQ+ advocates, changemakers and emerging leaders.

In 2019, we will also be running the following extension programs:

  • Foundational Plus

  • GLAAD Media INSTITUTE Masterclass

We have compiled and developed an exciting curriculum to help build the capacity of LGBTIQ+ advocates. The program includes the world-class GLAAD Media Institute media engagement training. Find out more.

Because in the hearts and minds of LGBTIQ+ leaders, the futures is bright.
October 2018, Sydney

October 2018, Sydney


Transformative Leadership is our new intensive training program for LGBTIQ+ leaders. This training is designed to meet the needs of senior, or soon-to-become senior leaders and will be launched in 2019. Developed in conjunction with Uncharted Leadership Institute, the program is delivered in two parts over 6 days. Find out more.

Topics include:

  • Fixed mindset vs growth mindset

  • Storytelling and narrative

  • Power and rank

  • Work and purpose

  • Recognising the adaptive challenge

  • Immunity to change

Visit the training registration page here.