Equality is a big word, and we think it means more than just elimination of discrimination.


What comes next after marriage equality?

That’s the question we started asking about a couple of years ago, leading to the establishment of The Equality Project. The fight for marriage rights has been so central to our movement for so long, it’s the only fight some of us know. But as we got closer to that goal, we thought it was important to start thinking about how to achieve the other objectives of our LGBTIQ+ movement.

Equality is a big word, and we think it means more than just elimination of discrimination. Real equality, we thought, means living in a society where everyone has the capacity for full participation – regardless of gender, sexuality, race, disability or creed. A society that values and affirms LGBTIQ+ people as full citizens.

Marriage equality is a momentous achievement for our community, but it leads us to three big questions:

First, what comes next after marriage equality?

How do we determine priorities for further action – on hugely important issues like justice for trans and intersex people, safe schools, parenting and families, LGBTIQ refugees, disability and so much more?

Next, how do we unite our communities to achieve these goals?

We are a dazzlingly diverse community with incredible depth of experience and wisdom – how can we collaborate strategically and effectively?

Finally, how do we work with other marginalised groups to achieve real social change that benefits the whole community?

How do we apply our experience and wisdom to achieving not just LGBTIQ+ justice, but justice for Indigenous Australians, women and girls, people with disabilities, young people, refugees and our whole community?

We are a young organisation with big goals. We are striving to build a movement for social justice that is grounded in, but reaches beyond, LGBTIQ+ communities.

We want to facilitate a conversation about LGBTIQ+ rights that becomes a critical part of a modern Australian discourse about what kind of society we want to be.

We don’t have all the answers but we are creating a space to ask the questions.