Better Together Conference

Better Together is our national conference. In order to facilitate a conversation about LGBTIQ+ rights in Australia we need to have a platform to share our ideas and experiences and ask the hard questions about how we can move forward and tackle what's important.

Better Together is a space for our voices to be heard. 

The conference aims to explore current issues facing the LGBTIQ+ movement, bringing together voices from indigenous communities, people with a disability, the Deaf community, as well as multicultural and multi-faith communities.

Our goal is to create a truly intersectional discussion about achieving meaningful social change to create a fairer, more equal and more just Australia. 

Our inaugural conference, Better Together 2018, was held at the Melbourne Town Hall from 13-14 January 2018. It was attended by over 650 people from every state as well as a number of delegates from the US, UK and the Philippines.

Better Together 2019 LGBTIQ Conference

LGBTIQ+ Conference

Better Together 2019 was held in Sydney from 11-12 January 2019 at Aerial UTS Function Centre, Ultimo.

As far as I know, there is not a conference or platform like it in Australia. It is invaluable that we get together and work together in order to make any effective change. It seems obvious but people from different walks of life, professions, identities and cultures need to be in the same room and at the same table in order to be able to hear each other.

It needs to be noted that the conference does what it says it does. A time and space was created where voices were heard that usually aren’t. The best part was, this was done in a dignified and proactive way. I wish the whole world worked the same way.
— Better Together 2019 attendee