The Experience of Trans and Gender Diverse Parents

In this session you will hear about the experiences of trans and gender diverse people who are currently parenting. A panel of parents will describe their journey and share some triumphs and challenges.

The parents on the panel have contributed to a new resource: "Trans and Gender Diverse Parents Support Guide" researched and written by Jac Tomlins for Rainbow Families.

Jac will facilitate the discussion which will include: managing transition with kids; negotiating a changing relationship with a partner or co-parent; dealing with schools and community; relationships with aunts, uncle and grandparents; pregnancy and transition' finding supportive health care providers.

The insight provided will be invaluable for participating parents or potential parents and health service providers.

Facilitated by Jac Tomlins. Panelists included Alison Gould and Al Mlinarevic.

Session length: 75 mins

Gay Conversion Therapy : What it looks in Australia and how we can stop it

In this session, you will hear Chris Csabs' experience of spending years in the Ex-Gay movement. You will learn about the history of Gay Conversion 'Therapy' movement and the way it presents in Australia today.

What do survivors and experts say we need to do in order to successfully curtail the movement?

Presented by Chris Csabs.

Session length: 90 mins

Youth Empowerment & Inclusion

The youth are not only our future as a movement - they are a central force in creating a strong LGBTQ movement here and now.

This workshop will discuss age as a power structure in society, and the tools to overcome problems of ageism in organisations and movements. How can you create a safe space for youth and children to organise on their own terms?

How can youth, adults and seniors find ways to work together? How do we move from representation and inclusion to actual empowerment?

Frank Berglund is the chairperson of RFSL Youth, Sweden's LGBTQ youth federation, and has many years of experience with organising young LGBTQ people.

Presented by Frank Berglund, RFSL Ungdom

Session length: 90 mins

Being Bi+, Understanding & supporting Bi+ people with their mental health

The Melbourne Bi+ Network will run a workshop that will aim to address the areas that need of improvement in mainstream health services and LGBTIQA+ services, and promote bisexual inclusivity.

This session will focus on research outcomes, professional knowledge, and anecdotal experience whilst facilitating discussion about the barriers bisexual people face when accessing health services. The facilitators will discuss strategies to overcome these barriers and use case studies for participants to work through examples of drivers for mental health issues in bisexual+ people and challange steryotypes that may perpetuate internalised biphobia.

Presented by Ruby Susan Mountford along with Joshua Miller and Jess Olivo.

Session length: 45 mins (part 1 of 2)

Later Dater: Learning to Date Queerly

Learning how to date outside hetro-norms later in life can be hard, so let's talk about it!

Bi+ folks often come out later in life, feeling like they missed out on being a baby queer, struggle with lingo and language used by younger queer people, and having high expectations on them without having experience.

This session will be a presentation and panel about starting to date same gender partners and entering LGBTIQA+ and Queer spaces after having a lifetime of only different gender partners.

"Going from the straight world into the queer scene can be confusing, confronting, exciting and exhilarating, especially later in life, and we're here to talk out some of the common issues Bi+ people experience in this realm. We'll cover issues of life stage, queer slang and culture, non-monogamy and jealousy, dating apps, and getting out there in a safe, sane, and consensual way.

We hope to be both fun and informative, while going beyond Bisexuality 101 into a specific area of interest for many: sex, romance, and dating. There is still an enormous amount of biphobia in queer communities, and it plays out in dating."

Presented by Ruby Susan Mountford and the panel includes Joshua Miller, Jess Olivo and Megan Alexandra.

Session length: 45 mins (part 2 of 2)

DTF Club Presents the Sydney Gay Scene

Singer-songwriter, DJ, artist and presenter/producer of JOY949's DTF Club, Dyan Tai invites Sydney's leading queer artists, event producers and gay venues to join an interactive session on the Sydney gay scene.

This session will focus on how the Sydney gay scene has evolved, the growing needs and challenges that are present in our current nightlife in Sydney and catering to a wider group in the LGBTIQ+ community.

This session will have speakers from top gay venues, emerging event producers and artists to share their ideas and experiences. We will focus on how the nightlife has evolved, effects of the lockout law, some of the highlights of their career and the needs/challenges faced when it comes to producing queer events and what we can do to make the gay scene more inclusive.

The panel will include Candy Box, Kat Dopper, Marlena Dali, Victoria Anthony and Dyan Tai.

Session length: 45 mins

Building Service Capacity to work with Queer Refugees

This interactive workshop is designed to assist service providers in building their capacity to work with queer refugees. Participants will learn about the unique challenges and needs of queer refugees and how to ensure that their service provision is attentive to sexuality, gender identity as well as refugee status.

The workshop is underpinned by the research evidence base as well as the lived experience.

Queer refugees are a group that is mostly not addressed by either refugee or LGBTIQ service providers. While some refugee service providers have started running support groups for queer refugees, they are not peer run (meaning that they are not run by queer people from refugee backgrounds).

"In 2018 my partner and I founded a Queer Sisterhood Project that is a peer run support and advocacy group for queer refugee women in Australia. Running the group, having the lived experience of seeking asylum and having the work experience in the community sector, we have designed this workshop to assist organisations making their first steps in improving their service provision." - Tina Dixson

This workshop will have a practical part that is a reflection on the needed changes in one's role at the organisational level, and the development of short and long-term plans.

Presented by Tina Dixson.

Session length: 90 mins

Equality and inclusion in rural and remote areas

This session will discuss the need to have accessible and appropriate services for LGBTIQ people in rural and remote areas. It is not only about looking at social and employment inclusiveness, but ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyone is considered.

"This session will take a look at how one man, one Father watched his daughter struggle through her time in a Catholic school knowing that she was different, knowing that she was attracted to the same sex and had nowhere or no one to turn to for help. A few years later that same Father has heard numerous similar stories, and some included suicide attempts, heavily disabled people not being allowed to experience same sex relationships, people being discriminated against because of their identity and individuals fleeing regional towns in search of answers, hope and acceptance."

A common oversight in the planning or development of communities is to assume that everyone is represented. With such a focus on mental illness, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Aged Care facilities and Aboriginal Health in general, why are the basic human rights of people still being ignored?

Presented by Declan Casley.

Session length: 45 mins

DIY Discrimination Law

This session is designed to empower LGBTIQ+ people so that we all better understand what legal protections in Australia exist for people who have experienced discrimination, and how to harness the law for positive social change.

Led by Sam Elkin, LGBTIQ outreach laweyer, this will session go through the basics of discrimination laws like the Sex Discrimination Act, what the process for taking your case to a body like the Australian Human Rights Commission looks like, and where you can get legal help in your State or Territory to do this.

"This is a practical workshop for for LGBTIQ+ people to understand anti-discrimination laws like the Sex Discrimination Act, and the process of lodging complaints. I want to conduct this session to demystify the legal processes so that people can use the law for positive social change."

The session will touch on intersectionality in discrimination laws, how health practitioners and support workers can support their clients to make complaints and where people can get help to lodge claims across Australia. Participants will have a better understanding of what laws currently exist to protect them, practical steps people can take to lodge a complaint, how they can use legal processes to highlight systemic discrimination as part of a broader campaigning tool for positive change to our culture.

Presented by Sam Elkin.

Session length: 45 mins

LGBTI Workplace Inclusion and Belonging – The Road Ahead

In the twelve months since the marriage equality postal survey, workplaces continue to grapple with the next steps to ensure Australian workplaces are truly welcoming and supporting LGBTI talent, irrespective of the location, industry or size of organisation.

Pride in Diversity, the national not-for-profit Centre of Expertise in LGBTI Workplace Diversity & Inclusion will lead a discussion about the true state of inclusion;, share best practices but also how to deal with diversity fatigue or headwinds that some organisations are experiencing.

Using new data from the 2018 Australian Workplace Equality Index (including responses from over 23,000 employees), and also initiatives captured by this national benchmark, Pride in Diversity will also focus on new work in the area of Women in LGBTI; inclusion in regional and remote workplaces; Trans employment challenges and other areas of intersectionality within workplace inclusion.

Pride in Diversity will also spotlight the status of workplace inclusion in mature and emerging economies, often where LGBTI rights are not supported.

Presented by Mark Latchford and Samantha Webster, Pride in Diversity.

Session length: 45 mins

God didn't say that, you did

This session will provide LGBTIQ people and allies information to counter the narrative by religious bodies about LGBTIQ communities that affects the mental health of LGBT people of faith.

The aim of this session is to increases awareness around LGBTIQ people who continue to practice their religion and face difficulties post Marriage Equality.

Led by Imam Muhsin Hendricks & Anthony Venn Brown, the session will cover holy texts, conversion therapy, discrimination in religious schools and LGBT refugees.

Session length: 45 mins

It starts with U: Uncover - Understand - Unlearn

As changemakers and rule breakers, we often shine a light on others. This is an opportunity for participants to turn the light onto themselves. As we come together to build connections, collaborations and learn new ways of being better together, we must first unlearn some of our old ways. An activity based session that you can keep in your back pocket!

Presented by Amil Reddy.

Session length: 75 mins

A Transitioning Relationship

Two partners will provide an insight into their relationships over the last two decades; discussing their journeys from trans 101, friendship, love, to advocating for change.

Speakers include:

AJ Brown - Vice President of Trans Pride Australia, business owner and proud trans man

Lisa Freshwater - cis, queer woman, founder of FEM and life partner to AJ Brown

Peta Friend - President of Trans Pride Australia, speaker, business owner and proud trans woman

Will Fennell - cis, gay man, beauty editor, business partner & best friend of TSP founder, Peta Friend

Session length: 75 mins

Advocacy for Impact: the LGBTIQ success stories and challenges of 2018

What were key LGBTIQ+ social change campaigns for 2018 and what can we learn for the future?

This session will profile key case studies in law reform for 2018. Panellists will include activists and leaders on a range of issues such as birth certificate reform, adoption equality, the so-called “gay panic” defence to murder and LGBT religious conversion therapy.

This session will be led by Lee Carnie, Legal Advocacy Director at Equality Australia. Panel members include Aram Hosie, trans advocate and incoming Director of Engagement, Elise Nyhuis, intersex advocate and Victorian representative of AISSGA, Bonnie Hart, intersex advocate and President of AISSGA, Hayley Conway, communications consultant and former campaigner for All Out.

Session length: 75 mins