LGBTIQ Policy Guide 2018

The Equality Project is proud to launch the first edition of the Australian LGBTIQ Policy Guide, a tool for Australian political parties, peak bodies and community groups that are interested in developing informed political policy text concerning the LGBTIQ community.

The Guide covers topics as diverse as LGBTIQ asylum seekers, human rights, responses to ex-gay and conversion therapy, workplace inclusion, LGBTIQ rural and regional communities, and sports and the arts.

The Guide is subject to continuous improvement and will be regularly updated.


Though every effort was made to consult widely in developing the text for the 2018 edition, we are aware that there are many diverse voices within each aspect of LGBTIQ policy and some are yet to have their say. The Policy Team is particularly interested in receiving advice regarding the following sections of the policy guide for the 2019 edition: 

5) Ensuring equality in families, surrogacy and adoption

6) LGBTIQ partner and family violence

10) Ensuring equality for bi, trans and intersex Australians

11) Ensuring the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ Australians

15) LGBTIQ Australians in the sex industry

16) Promoting LGBTIQ inclusion in local government and community, sport and the arts

21) Improving outcomes for LGBTIQ Australians in justice, police and corrections systems

22) Honouring the dignity, successes, historical contributions and experience of LGBTIQ Australians

The Australian LGBTIQ Policy Guide addresses needs that occur at the local, State and Federal level. The 2018 edition was written from a Victorian perspective, however the 2019 edition will take a broader national focus. Feedback from LGBTIQ community organisations in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales is encouraged.

Suggestions, comments, questions, complaints and concerns about the content of the Guide can be addressed to the Policy Team at