LTA Foundation

LTA Foundation is the initial training ground for change-makers, advocates and emerging leaders in the LGBTIQ+ community. This is a 2-day training program that will help build the core skills and techniques to effect positive cultural change. We have compiled an exciting curriculum from some of the largest LGBTIQ+ rights organisations in the world. These include the world-class GLAAD Media Institute and the Stonewall LGBTIQ Role Models program.

Who SHOULD attend?

LTA Foundation is designed for LGBTIQ+ advocates and emerging community leaders as well as professionals from any sector or industry. You should attend if:

  • You want to explore what it means to be an authentic and inclusive LGBTIQ+ role model in your community or organisation.

  • You want to hone your skills as a spokesperson and find out how to engage with the media effectively and tell powerful stories that move the hearts and minds of the people and communities that matter.

  • You want to expand your network and collaborate with other passionate advocates.

The schedule for the LTA Foundation program in 2019 will be announced soon.

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There was a fantastic diversity of thought in the room. The session about media engagement was absolutely outstanding and a real privilege to attend!
— LTA Melbourne alumni

What an incredible two days! What an honour to have spent it with an amazing bunch of inspirational and future changing people.
— LTA Adelaide alumni